Content/Types of Information available on the NDF

1. What products are included on the NDF?

Drugs which are registered with the Health Sciences Authority in Singapore, drugs which are subsidised by Ministry of Health and drugs that are approved for funding under the Rare Disease Fund are included on the NDF.

2. What information is included on NDF?

The following list of information, where available is included on NDF:



Source of Information

Clinical Information

Singapore-registered drug information


  • Indications, dosing and contraindications extracted from Package Inserts (PIs)/Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) published on HSA Infosearch

HSA Infosearch

  • Patient education materials and physician medication guide

HSA website

  • Product Safety Information

HSA website

Drug guidance

ACE website


MOH drug subsidy status


  • Standard Drug List, Medication Assistance Fund

MOH Drug Subsidies and Schemes

  • Subsidised Vaccine List

Subsidised Vaccine List

General availability across public healthcare institutions

Public Healthcare Institutions

Drug Terminology

Singapore-registered product information

  • Licence holder
  • Registration number
  • Active ingredient
  • Product name
  • Route of administration
  • Strength
  • Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) code
  • Dosage form
  • Forensic classification
  • Manufacturer and country of manufacturer

HSA Infosearch

3. How often is information on the NDF updated?

The information on the NDF will be updated monthly and the date of the latest update will be stated on the website. For the most updated information, please refer to the relevant sources of information stated in Question 2.

4. What is the intended use of information on NDF?

Information provided on NDF is intended to be used as a guide for healthcare professionals, such as doctors, pharmacists or nurses, in prescribing drugs safely for their patients. The public can also use NDF to search general and clinical information about their drugs.

The information on NDF is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be extensive. Do not use the information as a substitute for the advice of a healthcare professional.

Please obtain advice relevant to your particular circumstances from a healthcare professional.

5. I can’t find a particular drug on NDF.

If you can’t find the drug you’re looking for, it may be that the drug is not registered in Singapore or not subsidised by Ministry of Health.

You may also try the following:

  • Make sure the drug is spelt correctly. The main search box will predict the drug as you type in the letters.
  • Check the NDF A to Z listing based on the active ingredients to see all the drugs available on NDF.

If you still can’t find the drug on NDF, you may like to consult a healthcare professional for further advice. 

6. Where can I find a list of the abbreviations used in NDF?

A list of the abbreviations used in NDF can be found here.


1. How can I search for a particular drug?

Using general search 

Users can search by the drug name, brand name or active ingredient(s) into the search box. Suggestions would be displayed in a drop-down list which will narrow the search results based on the characters entered. The more characters you type, the more focused the results.
Choose a suggestion in the list to search for the drug directly. Alternatively, click the search button or press the return key after completing the search field with any word, then click on the relevant information required.

Using advanced search 

Users can search using any one of the following:

  • Active ingredient(s)
  • Product name
  • Registration number
  • Pharmacological classification
  • Indication
  • Licence holder
  • Country of manufacturer

Users can also apply filters to narrow the search results, such as drug guidance, post-marketing information, subsidy information and forensic classification.

Other methods of searching 

Users can also search for drugs based on the NDF listing of pharmacological classifications or NDF A – Z listing of drugs.

You may also refer to the User Guide for additional information. 

2. Can I compare more than two drugs?

No, only two drugs can be compared at one time.

3. What will be compared between two drugs using the “Compare Drugs” function?

The following general information will be displayed side by side for easier comparison when using the “Compare Drugs” function:

  • Subsidy Information and Financing Scheme
  • Drug Guidance for Subsidy
  • Post Marketing Information
  • General Availability in Public Healthcare Institutions